Bail request for woman who stole baby from hospital rejected

The woman who stole an infant from a hospital four years ago and raised the child as her own will stay in prison as her bail request was denied, while the child's biological family has voiced concerns about the long distance they will have to travel to visit her.

The court yesterday rejected the Bt180,000 offer of bail, though the woman's family is ready to appeal the case. The woman was arrested on Friday when details of her theft of a two-day-old infant came to light. The child is now four years old.

The girl's biological family on Monday met with the foster family and they decided to raise the girl together initially. They announced their decision in the presence of social-welfare officials and police officers.

Dang, the girl's biological grandfather, said he was concerned about the 300-kilometre journey from his hometown in Khon Kaen province to the girl's house in Chaiyaphum province a journey that will have to be undertaken every two or three weeks.

He said the journey was not very safe and his granddaughter would have to live with strangers.

"I will consult with related agencies to see if the girl can be brought by her other family to visit us. This way she can become familiar with her own family and surroundings," he added.