Bali airport renovation accelerated for APEC

It has been a round-the-clock massive project for thousands of construction workers and engineers to finish the ongoing renovation of Ngurah Rai International Airport in order to meet the Sept. 12 deadline, when President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is scheduled to officially mark the start of the airport’s full operation.

Purwanto, general manager of the state-owned airport management company PT Angkasa Pura, said in a special interview with Bali Daily and Kompas on Wednesday afternoon said that 3,000 workers were involved in the Rp 2.8 trillion (S$336 million) renovation project that started in 2012.

“The current work is focusing on finishing the new international terminal. We have been working hard to complete the arrival terminal to enable the president to officiate the building,” Purwanto said

On Sept. 10, the arrival terminal had to be complete, while the departure terminal was slated for completion on Sept. 20, he added.

When visiting the airport, thousands of workers were seen busy installing various pieces of equipment, LED television screens, telephones and electricity cables.

Some were finishing the airport’s interior and exterior decor, a perfect blend of Balinese traditional and modern design.

The airport’s physical 120,000 square-meter buildings were already generallyfinished, Purwanto said.

“But there is so much more to be done — installing IT systems, to the more sophisticated equipment to run an international airport,” he said.

The new airport consists of four story-buildings, with the ground level used for the arrival terminals for both domestic and international passengers.

The second floor will be allocated for offices, while the third floor is designed as the departure terminal. Meanwhile, the fourth floor will be used to build VIP lounges.

The airport will also have a new multistory car park next to the main building.

At present, Purwanto said, the first floor was allocated for the domestic terminal. “It is temporary, we will rearrange the floor and room division gradually, until the renovation project is totally complete,” he said.

The acceleration of the project was due to the upcoming APEC Summit in October.

“But total completion of the renovation is expected in May 2014,” he said.

Purwanto said the Rp 2.8 trillion budget had been allocated for the physical renovation of the airport buildings.

“We still need Rp 1 trillion for non-physical equipment and the operation of the new airport,” the general manager said.