Bangkok taxi driver fined for secretly taking videos of female passengers

The Land Transport Department has located a taxi driver who allegedly took secret videos of female passengers and taken him to be fined by police.

Sukree Jaruphume, director of the department's inspection division, said he had located the driver after a female passenger posted the story and the taxi's licence plate online on Monday.

The passenger had discovered that the driver had taken two video clips that highlighted her legs and breasts after she hailed the taxi in front of Channel 7 on Sunday.

Sukree said his division had told the driver about the rules of public transportation and handed over him to police to be fined on two charges of committing indecent act against others and driving a taxi without a public transport licence.

Sukree said the driver claimed that he had not intended to video the female passenger but had accidentally hit the record button on his phone.

However, Sukree said the driver did admit that he had stealthily taken a clip of a Japanese passenger, saying he "did it once in a while". The driver added that he had been driving a taxi for just one month.

Sukree said the owner of the taxi would also be fined for allowing an unlicensed driver to use the vehicle.