Beauties of China's 56 ethnic groups

Beauties of China's 56 ethnic groups

Over 92 per cent of China's population are Han Chinese, but often forgotten is that the remaining 8 per cent of the population comprises 55 ethnic minority groups.

According to China Daily, these numerous groups share China's lands but many also live in their specific communities.

Some of the more well-known ethnic minority groups include the Zhuangs, the Miao, the Uyghurs, the Manchus and the Mongols. These diverse groups all have their own languages and cultures.

China's five autonomous regions - Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Tibet, Ningxia and Xinjiang - host the majority of population of the ethnic minorities.

At China's recent National Day celebrations in Oct 2015, President Xi Jinping said that all people of the various ethnic groups have created the People's Republic of China, China Daily reported.

Each of China's ethnic groups has its own unique fashion and customs that is beautiful in its own ways.

Here is a look at the traditional costumes worn by beauties from all 56 ethnic groups in China.


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