Bodies of Taiwan couple found hugging each other after tragic earthquake

Rescuers were moved to tears when they found the bodies of a couple hugging each other in the building that collapsed during the devastating earthquake that hit Taiwan on Feb 6.

According to CCTVNews, the rescuers found the deceased man with his arms wrapped around the woman - a gesture to protect her from the falling debris as the roof of their high-rise apartment complex collapsed.

The man apparently hugged his girlfriend so tightly that the rescue crew had difficulty separating the two bodies.

The deceased have been identified as Cai Meng and Huang Ruoxin, college students from Kun Shan University.

Authorities have said that the death toll from the collapsed building has risen to 62 and that another 62 people are still missing, presumably trapped under the rubble.

Rescuers say that chances of finding more survivors are now slim.