Boy kills self over parents' no-show for CNY

CHINA - A boy from Wangjiang county of Anhui, China, took his own life after he learnt that his divorced parents were not spending the Chinese New Year with him, reported major Chinese dailies.

Xiao Lin, nine, hanged himself on a rope in the bathroom after having dinner with his grandparents on Monday.

The dailies reported that Xiao Lin had not seen his parents much after they divorced two years ago.

Custodial right of Xioa Lin was given to his mother.

After the divorce, his parents formed new families while working outstation all year long.

He lived with his maternal grandparents, uncle and aunt.

Xiao Lin's grandparents had reportedly told him that his parents "might not be able to return home for the Chinese New Year".

His father rushed back from his workplace in Fujian and cried when he saw Xiao Lin's body.

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