Bride in Thailand invites ex-boyfriends to wedding, stirs debate online

PHOTO: Facebook/Tunchanok Boonkacha

Is it possible to become friends with your ex?

For a woman in Thailand, it's a resounding yes, and she even invited her former boyfriends to her wedding.

Tunchanok Boonkacha, also known as Sine, got hitched on Nov 25, and a photo she took with her hubby and unusual guests went viral on Facebook.

The bride, as well as her three exes, were beaming in the picture. The groom, on the other hand, mustered an awkward smile.

In another snapshot, Sine was seen hugging one of her ex-boyfriends while her husband Puh frowned as he looked away.

But his 'anger' was just an act, she said.

After the wedding, Sine explained in a Facebook post why she had invited her exes to celebrate her big day. Even though their romances did not work out, she said, they are still close friends.

Before she sent out the invites to them, Sine had sought her husband's opinion and he agreed to it. According to Thai web portal Sanook, Puh's former girlfriend was also invited to the wedding but she was overseas and couldn't make it.

So, the men met each other for the very first time at the wedding. After making their introductions, the exes even asked which one dated Sine first, one of them quipped in an Instagram post.

In her post, the sassy bride also thanked her "adorable and friendly" friends for joining the celebration, and her hubby for his graciousness.

While some netizens said they couldn't fathom the same thing happening at their own weddings, others were amused by the sight.

"If I were the one getting married, I wouldn't be able to fit all my exes on the stage," a Facebook user joked.