Brunei police not to misuse confidential info

BRUNEI - Police personnel including non-uniformed staff are forbidden to copy, summarise or extract confidential information for their own use without formal permission, said the Royal Brunei Police Commissioner.

During a recruit graduation ceremony at the Police Training Centre's Parade Square in Gadong yesterday, Police Commissioner Dato Seri Pahlawan Bahrin Mohd Noor said that recruits should understand clearly the Royal Brunei Police Forces (RBPF) general order.

In advising the graduates as well as reminding the whole of RBPF, he said that they should avoid actions that violate laws and regulations which may affect their career.

The police commissioner went on to say that uniformed personnel are entrusted with confidential information. This includes all information received or kept in storage.

He said they should ensure any information submitted by the public, heads or officials are not spread unless the related officer has given permission or followed the necessary channels to release the information.

A breach of this can affect operations and undermine public confidence.

"Disciplinary action will be taken on those found in breach of this. It can affect their career, cause of dismissal or even brought to trial," he said.

The police commissioner said that the new recruits should always appreciate the core values of the police force. These values include discipline, work ethic, honesty, trust, professionalism and integrity.

In the speech he also touched on the need for recruits to deepen their knowledge and undertake further study to continue their development. This is due to the "dynamic" laws and regulations of the country.

He also urged parents or guardians to support the RBPF and participate in Village Neighbourhood Watch and also provide information that might lead to the prevention of crime.

Adding that the public can support for crime reduction is important since locals of an area have more knowledge about the environment and its inhabitants.

He was addressing the 148 police recruits from Squad 1/2013 and Squad 2/2013. A hundred male recruits and 48 female recruits underwent seven months of basic training.

During the passing-out ceremony awards were given to male and female respectively in best overall; best in laws and police duties; and best in formation and training.

Also present at the event was Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Hj Mohd Jammy Hj Mohd Shah Al-Islam, senior officers, parents and guardians of the recruits.