Canadian tourist kills Chinese woman accidentally at Great Wall of China

According to reports, the tourist (inset, left) knocked the elderly woman (inset, right) to the ground while she was rushing down a flight of stairs at the Great Wall of China.

A 38-year-old Canadian tourist, known only as last name Fortin, has allegedly accidentally killed a Chinese woman, 73, after knocking into her in Beijing, China.

According to South China Morning Post, Fortin knocked the elderly woman, surnamed Cui, to the ground while she was rushing down a flight of stairs at the Great Wall of China on Wednesday (Apr 8).

Police ruled it an accident after a preliminary investigation, although a further investigation was underway, according to a police statement posted on the official microblog of the Huairou district government.

According to Global News, the victim's husband told local media that the Canadian was chasing someone down the stairs when she collided with his wife.

"The foreigner was moving really fast. She was chasing (someone) and laughing and wanted to go between me and my wife," he said.

Reports say the older woman was immediately knocked unconscious after striking her head on a corner of the wall and stopped breathing soon afterwards.

The victim's son said his mother was in good health before the accident.

Chinese police advised Cui's family to seek compensation through civil procedures because Fortin was not criminally liable.

Police told the relatives that Fortin was already booked on a flight out of China on Saturday.

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