Car's roof gets ripped off in China

A car's roof was ripped off by iron railings that were hanging off a truck on a road in China. 

As seen in the video posted by CCTV News recently, it appears as if the driver underestimated how low the railings were hanging, resulting in one epic collision along a road in Ningbo city in Zhejiang Province. 

The roof was subsequently ripped off as the car careened to the side of the road. It is not clear how far the roof flew, although it did not hit other cars.

According to CCTV News, the driver was uninjured in the accident.

Speaking of bizzare, remember the case of 'levitating' cars in China on Nov 28 last year?

According to an AsiaOne report, CCTV footage showed vehicles approaching a busy junction in the city of Xingtai, Hebei, 'floating' up after the tyres of a van got caught on a steel cable on the road. 

There was also the time when a truck smashed the ceiling of a tunnel in Sydney in Nov 2014 because it was too tall.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the truck which was over the height limit to enter the M5 East tunnel, subsequently crashed the ceiling upon going in.

However, the Transport Management Centre said that the truck was not over the height limit but that its back had been elevated as it entered the tunnel.