Catfight in China mall after woman uses ATM as mirror

A video of a catfight between two women, after one had been selfishly using an ATM machine as her personal mirror, has gone viral on Chinese microblogging site Weibo.

The incident occurred in the basement level of a shopping mall in Harbin, according to People's Daily.

In the video, the woman uses the ATM as a vanity mirror to comb her hair, causing a long queue of people waiting to make withdrawals to form behind her.

An impatient woman, dressed in black, then steps forward to confront the ATM user.

The two get into a heated argument, which quickly turns into a catfight, before the ATM user was flung to the ground.

During the fight, the ATM user could be heard shouting to her attacker to be careful because her "necklace is worth over 2,000 yuan(S$423)!" The phrase has since become a hashtag that has been widely shared and used on Weibo.

The fight was broken up shortly after by onlookers.