Caught on camera: Chinese man steals over $10,000 from plane luggage

Here's another case of Chinese travellers who daringly rummaged through luggage compartments of planes to pilfer belongings of other passengers.

Ma Qiquan, 45, a native of Henan province in China, probably thought he was a smooth operator when he managed to make off with over €5,000 (S$10,000) from a luggage belonging to a Danish passenger on board a Turkish Airlines plane on January 4.

But his suspicious ways caught the attention of another passenger who recorded his deed on his mobile phone.

Ma was seen coolly removing the bag from the overhead compartment before placing it back after taking the money - at least €5,050 (S$10,000) plus some notes in other foreign currencies.

The crew of the plane, which began its flight in Istanbul, were alerted. Ma was arrested when the plane landed at Bangkok international airport, reported Thai News TV station.

Initially, Ma denied he stole the money but turned red-faced when the passenger who caught his actions on video produced the evidence of his crime.

He was searched and found to have in his possession the stolen cash.