Caught on camera: Chopper-wielding robber thwarted by cleaning lady's mop

SHANGHAI, China - A man failed to rob a bank after he was prevented from leaving the building by a cleaning lady with a mop.

Surveillance footage at Agricultural Bank of China dated July 14 showed a chopper-wielding man seizing a woman as his hostage and demanding cash over the bank teller's counter.

The robber hurriedly ran off after grabbing a black bag presumedly filled with cash by a bank teller.

Shanghaiist reported that he tried to make a quick escape but found himself locked within the bank's lobby.

Security officers and a cleaning lady appeared at the lobby shortly after and attempted to disarm the robber.

The woman started to hit him with her mop, which had a further reach than the security guard's baton and kept her out of the robber's attack range.

According to a report on, the robber was eventually driven into a corner of the lobby and was made to stay there until the police arrived and arrested him.

The courageous members of the public, security guards and cleaning lady were later awarded 10,000 yuan (S$2,000) by the bank for helping the police detain the robber.