Caught on camera: Driver swerves dangerously on highway, almost tips into the sea

CHINA - A Chinese driver was caught on camera swerving dangerously from left to right on a highway in Xijiang province, China, and at some point, the truck even narrowly misses tipping over the metal barrier and into the sea.

The incident on Oct 18, saw the driver, Song Mingtang, braking hard to avoid getting too close to the vehicle in front of him, reported The Guardian.

The sudden slam of the brakes caused his truck to jerk and lose balance.

In the video, the truck could be seen wobbling so unsteadily that it looked like it was even going to topple over at points. But it doesn't and continues to zig zag across lanes of the two-lane motor carriageway. On its way back to the left lane, it crashed into the metal barrier and then eventually landed on its side.

According to the video report, The Guardian said Song was uninjured and his female passenger suffered a small scratch.

They were lucky to have sustained little injuries and avoided tipping their truck into the sea, said The Guardian.

The other vehicles witnessing the incident immediately slowed back to a stand still and averted disaster as well.