Caught on camera: Girl, 6, kowtows to mum for 'looking around' while playing badminton

PHOTO: Apple Daily

A 6-year-old girl in Hong Kong was caught on video kowtowing to her mum who was seen reprimanding her for performing badly in a badminton game.According to Apple Daily, an eyewitness surnamed Cheng recorded the incident which occurred on Thursday at about 11am.Cheng said he saw the two leaving Tai Hing Sports Centre at Tuen Mun. The mother, who was following the girl from behind, was heard shouting: "Looking around while playing badminton. Go, continue walking. Don't follow me."After walking for about 5 metres, the girl suddenly turned around to her mum and knelt on the floor and cried: "I'm sorry, it's my fault. I won't do it again."She then started kowtowing to her mum, who continued to stand in front of her and scolding: "You're always looking around while playing badminton. Just continue doing so then."The 1.5-minute video in Apple Daily shows the little girl kowtowing and knocking her head on the floor over 20 times. Cheng, who was filming the incident across the road, claims he could hear the girl knocking her forehead on the ground but did not see any injuries on her head. He also saw an elderly man, who was seen in the video carrying a blue umbrella, approached the mother to urge her to stop but left after he was ignored. Cheng said the mother and daughter left a few minutes after. However, other eyewitnesses told Apple Daily that they spotted them in a library nearby and the mother was still scolding her daughter, who was seen kneeling down again.Cheng told Apple Daily that the mother is too strict and that she might be a lot worse at home when they are not in a public place. Netizens agree that the mother was too strict. One said: "The young child just wants to play badminton and have fun, but her mum is treating her like Lin Dan (Chinese badminton Olympic champion)."