Caught on camera: High school student slaps friend over 20 times

A high school student in Shandong, China, has found herself in hot water after video footage showing her slapping another teenager went viral last week.

In the video shot in a school campus, the student can be seen slapping the victim up to 25 times in a span of less than two minutes. She appeared to be extremely worked up and shouted at the girl as a group of male students watched.

A number of the bystanders were also laughing as the helpless girl was being assaulted.

Despite being slapped, the victim stood still with her head down and did not defend herself or speak up. Her silence seemed to rile her attacker even more, and the slaps came down harder. At one point, the student repeatedly shouted: "Don't you know how to talk?".

A group of girls tried to mediate and rescue the victim but they were ignored.

According to Phoenix Television's online report, the high school student had taken offence to something the other girl said in a phone app chat.

As a result, the student asked the girl who offended her to meet her the next day so she could take revenge.

Chinese media reported that police investigations are ongoing.