Caught on camera: Man comes to rescue of girl being bullied by gang of five

A man was shown on video coming to the rescue of a girl who was being beaten up by five other girls at a Chinese restaurant.

The video started by showing the gang of girls beating and kicking the victim.

It is unclear why they were attacking her, but they were heard urging each other to continue.

Suddenly, a man dressed in black rushed onto the scene and started to pull the girls off the victim.

The man, who was tall and strongly built, started to fend off the attackers one by one.

He even punched a long-haired attacker out of the way.

The girls retaliated by hitting him back with items they could grab from nearby.

One of the girls slammed a large blue container onto his head, but he just turned around and threw it away.

Some of the girls then grabbed plastic chairs and started to hit him, but the guy just flung it away as well.

The place was in chaos as the fighting continued and the remaining patrons rushed to the exit. In the end, other male restaurant patrons and workers pulled the man out of the eatery to stop the fighting.

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