Caught on camera: Man kowtows to GF, but gets his head stomped on

PHOTO: Apple Daily

A lovers' tiff seemed to have gotten a little bit out of hand when a Hong Kong woman was caught allegedly abusing a man who is believed to be her boyfriend.

In a 1.5-minute video that was filmed from an apartment and sent to Hong Kong's Apple Daily, a man is seen kneeling and kowtowing to the young woman, who continued to yell, hit and even stomp the man on his head a number of times, smashing his face onto the ground.

According to Apple Daily, the incident occurred at 3am on Tuesday at Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok.

The man could be heard begging the woman not to leave and when she did not respond, he dropped down to his knees and kowtowed over 10 times. The woman then lifted her right leg and stomped on his head, causing the man to cry in pain.

While it was not clear as to what they were arguing about, the woman is heard shouting at the man and telling him not to touch her and at one point, she even screamed: "Go die, you b*****d".

She is also seen raising her right leg to kick him in the face multiple times whenever he squatted or knelt in front of her, and at one point, she even slapped him many times as he kneeled and crawled towards her. She then continued to stomp on his head whenever he started kowtowing.

Although the man continued to pursue her and even tried to hug her twice, the woman pushed him away and told him to "go jump off a building".

According to Apple Daily, the argument lasted seven minutes before the two eventually parted ways.