Caught-on-camera: Police find 51 workers crammed in 6-seater van

Traffic police in Guiyang, China were doing their rounds on the street when they came across an unusual sight.

The police had noticed an overloaded van travelling on the road and decided to stop it for a spot check. What they saw next shocked them.

After they stopped the six-seater van, it dawned on them that a total of 51 people had crammed themselves into the van, with two in the front seats and 49 at the back.

It turns out that the passengers were all construction workers who were being conveyed to a construction site at the time of offence. The driver had removed all the rear seats so that more passengers could fit into the van, Shanghaiist reported.

Overloaded vehicles are a common sight on Chinese roads, the website said. It is a serious traffic violation as it could lead to terrible accidents on the road.

In July 2014, Shanghaiist reported that 11 people, including eight kindergarten children, were killed when the overloaded minivan they were in fell into a pond.