Caught on camera: Thai man shoots fiance and her mother

Caught on camera: Thai man shoots fiance and her mother

A man shot at both his fiance and her mother three times each on Thursday at a car modification shop in Muang district, Thailand.

In security camera footage obtained by Thai police, Tasaphol Haekla, 35, was seen talking to Kewelin Hongthong, 28, when he took out a gun and shot her three times.

Miss Hongthong's mother, Wimol Hongthong, ran out of PS Modify Chon Buri garage, but Haekla caught up with her and shot her at the door.

Haekla was seen dancing off, before returning. He said something to a man in the shop and walked off.

Kalayanat Namsuwan, a close friend of Miss Hongthong who was present at the scene, told Bangkok Post that her friend visited the garage because she feared for her safety after having an argument with Haekla. Miss Hongthong knew Haekla carried a gun.

She added that when Haekla was leaving after the shooting, he said that "anyone is invited to be witness" to the crime.

The couple was due to be married on Aug 28.

Thai police are still looking for Haekla.

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