Caught on camera: Woman violently beats disobedient child

A mother's violent way of punishing her misbehaving child was caught on camera when she hit her daughter with a slipper and even yanked her by the hair.

The over 3-minute long video clip was uploaded by Friends of BN - Barisan Nasional on their Facebook page to remind parents that children can be stubborn sometimes but this is not the way to deal with them as they are weaker and smaller than adults.

It is unclear when the incident happened but it took place at a hairdressing salon in China.

In the video, the mother and her young daughter were seen squabbling.

Then, the mother slapped her and started to spank her many times with a slipper.

The other patrons at the salon were shocked and tried to stop the mother but to no avail. The beating continued and the people could only watch helplessly.

The mother seemed to stop at one point as she reprimanded her child.

But the spanking and beating started again as the child talked back at her. The child even hit back at her mother as well.

However, the violent beating got out of hand when the mother yanked her daughter by the hair and flung her off her feet just to hit her more.

The salon patrons could not bear to watch the beating and stepped up again to separate the feuding pair.

One woman tried to console the child while another attempted to talk some sense into the mother.

In the end, the mother stepped away and theĀ other women took care of theĀ child.

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