Caught on video: House topples onto another after landslide in Japan

A house fell onto another after a massive landslide occurred in Nagasaki, Japan, and it was smashed entirely into pieces.

The footage of this scene was captured live on camera and aired on national televsion, reported NBC News.

According to news site Japan Bullet, the incident occurred on Thursday (June 30) at about 10am and all residents in the area were evacuated after a stone wall had initially collapsed because of heavy rain.

The video shows mud sliding down a slope below the two-storey home which was tilting. The house then begins to tumble down and hits other houses below before breaking into pieces completely.

No one was injured in the incident. Police are also continuing to keep the area off-limits to prevent another home from collapsing, reported Japan Bullet.

Nagasaki in the Kyushu region of Japan has been experiencing heavy rains since last week.

Authorities have reminded residents to be on the alert for other possible mudslides, which have caused a woman, in her 50s, to be in a coma, reported Japan Times.