Caught on video: Sanitation workers dump rubbish in hotel lobby

A hotel in China became its county's rubbish dump after it failed to satisfy a local official who had stayed there.

According to online reports, the sanitation bureau chief of a county in China's Shaanxi province, Mr Gao Jianyong, found that his motorcycle had been knocked over in the hotel's parking area in July this year.

The official approached the hotel's front counter and requested to view the hotel's security footage to find out who the culprit was. However, the employee at the reception counter did not have the authority to approve his request, and was unable to assist him, Sina News reported.

Unsatisfied that the hotel had refused to help him, he decided to take revenge by dumping trash in the hotel.

Footage from the hotel's security cameras show a group of sanitation workers trying to enter the hotel with rubbish bins at about 7.30pm on Aug 4. But they were prevented from getting into the hotel by staff, and settled for toppling the bins outside the hotel instead.

Mr Gao was still not content, and the hotel's cameras show a group of sanitation workers pulling green rubbish bins through the hotel's rotating door on Aug 17, before emptying the bins right out onto the floor of the hotel lobby.

According to Chinese news portal NetEase, the hotel's general manager said the incident had caused business in the four-month old hotel to plummet because the trash had resulted in a huge stink in the lobby.

However, China's English-langugage tabloid website Shanghaiist reported that when asked, Mr Gao denied that the motorcycle incident had taken place. Instead, he explained that the sanitation workers had decided to dump the rubbish because they were angry at the hotel for failing to pay their waste disposal fees.