CCTV recording shows woman abandoning baby in North Jakarta

PHOTO: Unsplash

Residents in the Teluk Gong area of Penjaringan, North Jakarta were surprised to find an abandoned baby boy in front of a house on Jl. Y on Monday.

Footage recovered from a CCTV camera on a neighbouring house later showed a short-haired woman wearing a blue shirt and pink trousers put the baby on the ground in front of the house.

She was seen carrying the baby with a cloth sling. After checking around her, she slowly put down the baby in front of the house and immediately fled the scene.

A resident named Sihab Mahajaya, 22, said a passerby first noticed something suspicious lying on the ground at about 10am. Upon checking, Sihab and some other residents were shocked to find it was a baby boy, who was wearing yellow clothes and a blue hat.

"We then realised that it was a baby. The baby was lying on his chest. He was not crying," Sihab said as quoted by on Monday.

"This is a quiet alley. It happened when everyone was working," he added.

Sihab said that after being found, the baby was rushed to the Penjaringan community health centre. Some residents also filed a report to the Penjaringan Police, who followed up with an investigation.

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