CCTV records child abduction in West Java

PHOTO: Instagram/bekasi_24_jam

A CCTV recording that apparently shows a woman abducting a 3-year-old girl in Bekasi, West Java, on Tuesday has gone viral on social media.

The CCTV video, which was obtained from Al-Amin Mosque on Jl. Bintara Jaya III, shows the woman, wearing a red headscarf, put Anisa Suci Ardiwibowo on her lap in the mosque's yard before walking away with the toddler.

The girl's grandmother, Sri Wahyuni, said that, as she did every day, on Tuesday morning Anisa went out and played around the mosque complex near her home.

"She was with me because her mother has to work. And it is like that every day, she usually plays at the mosque," Sri said on Wednesday as quoted by

At around 10 a.m., when Sri went to the mosque to look for Anisa, the grandmother could only find Anisa's sandals in the mosque yard.

Sutarno, a staff member at the mosque said that that he saw an old woman who approached Anisa and bought her some food from a small kiosk before taking her away.

The police have received the kidnapping report and are currently investigating it.