Chiang Mai Zoo giant panda has miscarriage

PHOTO: The Nation/Asia News Network

Chiang Mai Zoo has been met with another disappointment in its giant panda breeding project after the steroid hormone level of its female panda Lin Hui returned to normal, signaling an end to its pregnancy, Thai National News Bureau reported.

Following the artificial insemination of Lin Hui, Director of Chiang Mai Zoo Nipon Wichairat said ultrasound scans previously indicated the presence of an embryo in the panda's womb.

The discovery prompted zoo officials to temporarily suspend public visits to Lin Hui's enclosure and make preparations for the arrival of a new baby panda.

However, the zoo director said that as of Monday, Lin Hui's steroid hormone level had dropped to only 59.1 nanograms per milligram creatinine, which is considered a normal figure in non-pregnant pandas.

The hormonal decline signaled the end of the panda's pregnancy.

Another ultrasound test will be conducted on June 29 to confirm the miscarriage.

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