Child gets run over by vehicle on busy China highway, condition unknown

PHOTO: YouTube screengrab

A child fell out of a moving minivan and got run over by a vehicle on a busy highway in Zhaotong city, Yunnan.

Shocking footage shows the child tumbling out of a minivan just as it speeds across a crossroad, and falling onto the road. The car behind the van is unable to stop in time and runs over the child.

However, upon realising that the child had fallen out of the van, the driver and a passenger stopped and ran out to save the child from beneath the car.

Shanghaiist reported that it is not known what happened to the child or his guardians as a police report was not filed.

According to CCTV news, this accident is another in a recent, disturbing trend of motorists being lax with road safety in China - especially with the worrying question about whether children are made to wear seatbelts while in a vehicle.

As per World Health Organisation figures, up to 10,000 children in China die in accidents yearly, in large part due to child safety seats not being used by motorists driving with children.

However, the Chinese government implemented compulsory product certification for child safety seats last September, resulting in higher safety standards. 

This accident comes shortly after another horrifying accident on Feb 3 this year when a two-year-old boy fell out of a moving van on a busy road in China.

The toddler subsequently got up and pursued the van. The driver in the vehicle behind the van rushed to boy's aid.  

According to the boy's grandfather who had been driving the van, the rear door of the van had been malfunctioning. 

A similar accident occurred on Jan 7 this year when a child survived after being flung out of a moving car in Chengdu. 

A car was making a sharp left turn along a street when a passenger-side door opened and a child was flung out onto the road.

The car then halted, while the child stood up - seemingly unhurt - and ran back to the car.