Children step out of Daliang Mountain

Up to 93 children from Daliang Mountain in southwest China's Sichuan province study at a private music school in Wuhan, capital city of Hubei province.

The music school, founded by Kang Li, has begun to accept children from Daliang Mountain to study here periodically since the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008. From her own experience, Kang thought children in the deep mountain needed her help.

Born in backward and underdeveloped regions, the children from Daliang Mountain, mainly orphans, used to live in poverty. Many local people are so shortsighted that they don't let their children have compulsory education, which leads to child laborers as children there quit school to work.

Kang's philanthropic activities have brought some changes to children in Daliang Mountain. After Kang's cooperation with local education organ in Daliang Mountain, more children will have the chance to step out of the deep mountain and become a fresh force to combat backwardness in their hometowns.