Chilly Ice World show might have caused student's brain hemorrhage

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A college student surnamed Huang was rushed to the hospital earlier this month following the sudden onset of severe symptoms including paralysis and loss of consciousness after his visit to an ice sculpture exhibition in Taipei.

According to reports, the student had visited the Ice World (冰雪世界冰雕展) ice sculpture exhibition taking place adjacent to the Taiwan World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (台北市界貿易中心南港展覽館) on Feb. 11.

During his visit, the student left the exhibition area on two occasions to take respite from the venue's exceedingly cold minus 18 degrees Celsius temperature.

According to the accounts of his companions the student complained of discomfort and had stepped out of the venue 10 minutes after arrival.

The onset of severe symptoms including paralysis and loss of consciousness occurred suddenly as the student stepped out of the exhibition for the second time.

He was rushed to the nearby Wan Fang Hospital (萬芳醫院) for treatment in a car driven by his companions.

Doctors found that the student had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, and despite immediate craniotomy surgery, Huang has not regained consciousness, according to reports.

Doctors stated that the patient's condition may have been caused by pre-existing conditions, which were exacerbated by exposure to extreme differences in temperatures between the outside and the exhibition venue's arctic conditions. Doctors, however, stated that they remain uncertain of the cause of the student's condition.

Following the incident, doctors urged the public to dress warmly in preparation for exposure to extreme temperatures, in particular those with pre-existing conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, and take respite at more temperate locations as soon as symptoms including dizziness and chest pain occur.

In response, exhibition organizers stated that of the 400,000 visitors the event drew last year and 30,000 visitors since this year's run began last month, there has been no precedent for a such severe illness, but stated that it has contacted its insurer and has began the required processes to resolve the incident.