China Airlines announces its new menus for economy class

TAIPEI, Taiwan - China Airlines and China Pacific Catering Services held a press conference together yesterday to launch the new economy class sky menus for all lines, which feature not only authentic Taiwanese cuisine but also fresh local ingredients.

Steve C. Yang, senior vice president of China Airlines, said that China Airlines has been cooperating with four local chefs to bring local cuisine to the air and launched the new menu for customers of economy class last year.

Due to the efforts of every chef, the satisfaction rate of economy-class passengers rose 5 per cent compared to previous polls. Therefore, China Airlines decided to continue the cooperation and designed several new menus for 2014.

From April 1 this year, there will be more authentic Taiwanese sky meals on all lines of China Airlines prepared by eight famous local Taiwanese chefs, said Yang.

Janice Lai, chairwoman of China Pacific Catering Services, pointed out that the core value of China Airlines is to value every customer. In addition, the company also aims to present local culture to international visitors.

"It is how we started the project to launch new menus," Lai said.

According to Chiou Ching-tze, one of the chefs who collaborated with China Airlines, said it is a challenge to make a sky meal since the meal needs to be suitable for high altitude environments. In addition, it is also important to design a menu that can be easily reheated.

"We tried several times before launching the final menu for China Airlines," said Chiou.

In addition, China Airlines also altered the dessert from pineapple cake to a famous delicacy from Chiayi - square cookies. The square cookies on China Airlines are a limited edition that are only provided on China Airlines and made from the image of Alishan, a well-known tourist attraction in the Chiayi area.