China bulldozer rampage kills 1 injures 20, driver shot dead

PHOTO: Video screengrab

Video footage of a bulldozer rampage in a China city has emerged recently, showing a bulldozer driver crashing into cars and people intentionally.

The incident reportedly happened on Sept 3 last year in the city of Shuozhou in China's Shanxi province. The driver killed a pedestrian, injured over 20 people, and damaged more than 10 vehicles before he was shot dead by police.

In the video, the man in a car behind the bulldozer left his car to confront the driver of the bulldozer, which had taken up two lanes on the road.

However, the driver became enraged and chased the man with his bulldozer. The 16-tonne 8m-long bulldozer then went on a rampage, mindlessly crashing into cars and people, including police vehicles that turned up in response to the incident.

News reports said the bulldozer ran over and killed a person who was on an electric bicycle.

After a chase down the streets, the bulldozer hit a bus full of people on a bridge.

Before the bulldozer was able to hit the bus a second time - which would likely have toppled the bus and sent it into the river beneath, according to reports - a police sniper shot dead the bulldozer driver.

The rampage lasted 27 minutes, reports said.

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