China survey reveals top 10 uncivilized tourist behaviours

Henan province's tourism administration published a list of the "Top 10 uncivilized tourist behaviours" in a recent survey conducted among 173, 215 people.

Among those surveyed, more than 158,000 people (91.72 per cent) have encountered uncivilized behaviour in tourists, 9,834 (5.68 per cent) never have, and 4,514 of them did not know what "uncivilized tourist behaviours" meant.

Here is the list of tourists' Top 10 uncivilized behaviours:

1. Littering (22.3 per cent)

2. Stepping on grass, climbing trees and picking flowers (13.55 per cent)

3. Damaging public facilities (10.35 per cent)

4. Breaking public order and jumping a queue (6.62 per cent)

5. Spitting and defecation in open areas (5.93 per cent)

6. Climbing on historical relics to take photos (5.27 per cent)

7. Scribbling graffiti and carving at tourist attractions (5.08 per cent)

8. Not flushing after using the toilet (4 per cent)

9. Smoking in a non-smoking area (3.39 per cent)

10. Breaking traffic rules, careless driving and illegal parking (3.11 per cent)