Chinese bulk shoppers cause delays at Narita

Narita Airport has seen numerous delays in flight departures due to Chinese tourists whose carry-on luggage exceeds size restrictions after they embark on last-minute shopping sprees.

Narita International Airport Corp., the airport's operator, is urging passengers to make sure that their predeparture purchases do not exceed baggage allowances.

Each airline sets its own rules on the size and number of items that can be taken on board.

However, the airport's operator has undertaken its own measures, such as posting signs in both English and Chinese near large items in shops, warning that their purchase could push them over the carry-on size limit.

The company also calls for passengers to notify airlines in advance if they have oversize cabin baggage.

Passengers can buy luxury brand goods, food and other products at about 300 shops in the airport after they check suitcases or other large bags at airlines' check-in counters.

According to the company, some Chinese tourists make bulk purchases of rice cookers, heated bidet toilet seats and other goods at shops in the airport. Some tourists apparently try to avoid the hassle of lugging home appliances and other cumbersome items all the way from central Tokyo to Narita Airport, prompting the trend.