Chinese couple holds divorce ceremony to announce break-up

Getting hitched in China, and just about everywhere, is often a joyous affair, usually complete with ceremonious proceedings in various shades of red.

The colour red, which symbolises prosperity and fortune, is used in many traditional Chinese festivals.

Photo: Internet

So it came as a bold statement when a Chinese couple from Shandong, held a divorce ceremony to announce the end of their marriage, Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao reported.

Just like a wedding, friends and relatives gathered to witness the proceedings, albeit in a more muted way. The couple even held one-half each of the Chinese character cutout "Double Happiness", which is usually used at weddings.

While getting a divorce is typically frowned upon in China, this couple had no qualms about publicising it.

In fact, one photograph showed a massive red arch built over a road, with a celebratory message congratulating the couple on their divorce.

Photo: Internet

Attendees and some netizens say that the ceremony was an eye-opener, and that they had nothing but respect for the couple on their decision to end the marriage.

However, other netizens criticised them for celebrating a sad event.

One even cheekily exclaimed: "We give red packets during weddings, so do we get a refund during divorces?"