Chinese families shout abuse at high-level Malaysian delegation in Beijing

BEIJING - Angry family members of Chinese passengers shouted at high-level Malaysian officers when the team left the ballroom after a 30 minute meeting on Saturday.

The team, comprised of Malaysian ambassador to China Datuk Iskandar Sarudin, RMAF air operations commander Lt-Jeneral Datuk Seri Ackbal Abdul Samad and Department of Civil Aviation air traffic services director Ahmad Nizar Zolfakar had earlier taken turns to answer the questions submitted by the families a day before.

The officers then left the room, having invited the families to send in written questions for further follow-ups.

Family members, who came prepared with PowerPoint presentation to raise more doubts regarding the disappearance of MH370, were all shocked.

A brief ruckus ensued when the family members yelled at the team, demanding that they stay.

"You've seen now how the Malaysian government treat us! How do you think they will treat our families onboard the flight?"

"There are two killers here! One is the hijacker on the flight, and another is Malaysian government!"

The family members' expressed their belief that the Malaysian government is hiding the truth and is avoiding the families.

"Say no to lying! Announce the truth! Give me back my loved ones!" the family members chanted.

A few family members were quick to take control of the situation, urging all to calm down.

"They can't come and leave China as they wish. Chinese must unite.

"Have trust in our own government. Our officers are dealing with them now.

"We will not let them leave. Let's sit down and wait for them here."