Chinese father films himself slapping 5-year-old daughter to get ex-wife's attention

Yet another parent has been caught on camera slapping his own child.

But the latest case is more disturbing: The heartless Chinese father from Heilongjiang province filmed his vicious attack on his five-year-old daughter and uploaded the footage online.

It sparked an outcry from netizens who saw the man smacking his child continuously as she wailed helplessly.

The father, surnamed Jiang, who was arrested, claims that he wanted his estranged wife to see the video in the hope that she would be moved by it and return to him.

China Global Television Network reported that the ex-wife is now looking after the child but it's uncertain whether she will go back to a man with a violent streak. The brutish dad was placed behind bars for about two weeks.


Last November, the Daily Mail reported about another viral video which shows a woman slapping a baby hard across the face multiple times. The footage is believed to have originated from Kazakhstan.

In January this year, police in Saudi Arabia detained a father who was seen slapping his infant daughter in a video, the Gulf News reported.

His divorced wife posted the clip on a media platform to plead for help to rescue her daughter.

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