Chinese man swallows eight 15cm nails and punctures stomach

A Chinese man told his friends he was a "sword swallower", but they wanted proof.

So to impress them at a party, the man from Xinjiang, China decided to swallow eight 15cm-long nails on March 17 this year - stopping at eight only because his friends asked him to.

And it's a good thing they did because last Thursday (May 19), two months after the party, the 28-year-old had to be rushed to the hospital after experiencing sharp pains in his stomach, as reported by local media,

X-ray images later revealed that the man's stomach had been punctured by nails so doctors had to perform surgery immediately to remove them as it would have been life-threatening.

The hospital has since updated that the nails have been removed safely and the patient is in a stable condition, reported by South China Morning Post.

However this isn't the first time the man has swallowed sharp objects. When he was 20, he claimed to have swallowed needles as well, but he managed to excrete them.

According to the Daily Mail, he told Chinese reporters: 'I didn't feel anything after swallowing the needles. It never occurred to me it would be so bad.' 

Maybe now he's learnt his lesson.