Chinese men climb high-voltage transmission towers

CHINA - On Oct 21, a man was found atop a 24-metre-high transmission tower in Guangdong, singing, striking poses and doing chin-ups.

According to a Shanghaiist report, he stayed on the tower for five and a half hours. After much persuasion by his friends, he was brought down to the ground by firemen.

The man is now in hospital under observation for his abnormal behaviour while the police carry out investigation.

In a similar incident, another man, Wan Sun, climbed to the top of a transmission tower in Jiangsu province after he was jilted by his ex-girlfriend.

He tried to get down from the tower when police brought her to the scene. However, in his haste, he stepped on a steel support strut while still holding on to a high-voltage cable.

Wan then burst into a "huge flash and lots of smoke" as he was electrocuted. He died instantly.