Chinese mother places ad in Melbourne urging son return home for CNY

MELBOURNE - Sin Chew Daily reported that a mother from China placed an advertisement in a Chinese daily in Melbourne, Australia, urging her son to come back to China to celebrate Chinese New Year with the promise that she would not pressure him to get married.

The full-page advertisement was placed on the front page of Chinese Melbourne Daily on Jan 14, and it read: "Peng, I have called several times but you do not pick up. Maybe you will see it here. Daddy and Mummy will not pressure you to get married. Come back for Chinese New Year! Love, Mummy."

The advertisement created a stir in the Chinese community in Melbourne.

According to a friend of the mother who lives in Guangzhou, China, she has been pressuring the son, who is working in Melbourne after graduation, to come back to China to look for a girlfriend and get married.

However, the son refused and did not pick up her calls after the matter was brought up again early this year.