Chinese officers 'arrest' Ronald McDonald statue for blocking walkway

For years, he has been a symbol of happiness for young McDonald's fans all across the world. But Ronald McDonald experienced his first run-in with the law in Guangzhou, China recently.

According to the city's Yangcheng Wanbao, uniformed officers took a Ronald McDonald statue into custody after it was deemed unfit for the walkway it had been placed on.

Curious onlookers were amused when they saw three officers yanking the statue out of its place by force. The statue, which can be said to simply have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, was broken in the process.

Once photos of the incident were shared online, Chinese netizens were quick to voice their concern over the statue's well being. Some netizens re-posted the photos asking: "Uncle, are you alright in custody?"

One witty netizen who detected conspiracy asked: "What crime have you committed that made them take you? Are they in cahoots with KFC, which is the reason they arrested you and not Colonel Sanders?"

Chinese media reported that the statue had been forcibly removed as it was blocking the walkway.

The fast food restaurant's fans have however pointed out that there are also statues from popular Chinese cartoon Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf across the street, but those were allowed to stay in their spots.