Chinese 'police' conduct bride trafficking

An undercover reporter recently unveiled a shocking underground bride trafficking operation in China's Jiangxi province.

Men claiming to be police officers are actually traffickers who ferry customers in police vans to holding areas as innocuous as a childcare centre.

The reporter was confused by a police officer who offered to find him brides for lower prices when he tried to report a human trafficking case to the local police.

While transnational marriage is common in China, many people are aware that there are foreign women who marry Chinese men to provide a better life for their impoverished families.

However, these marriages of convenience have increasingly become a means of human trafficking, where foreign women are treated like commodities. A purchased bride is at risk of being sold and resold when her husband tires of her.

These foreign brides are mainly from Vietnam and Cambodia and do not understand Mandarin. Their prices vary according to their looks and age. Many of them are unwilling to marry local men and have escaped after being purchased.

With the publication of the human trafficking report, many are alarmed at the mistreatment of these foreign brides and the blatant disregard for the law by law enforcers.