Chinese toddler gets thumb stuck in door lock

TAIZHOU, China - Firefighters in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province had to rescue a toddler after he got his finger lodged in a door lock.

The 2-year-old boy found the disused lock at his family's home and was using it as a toy when his right thumb got stuck in it. But as it turned out, getting the thumb back out was not so easy.

The child's family failed to free his finger so they took him to a hospital. Doctors couldn't remove the lock either and sent the tearful toddler to a local fire department.

Firefighters tried using different hydraulic tools, but without success. Eventually they called a locksmith who was able to take the lock apart in 20 minutes.

Although the boy escaped serious injury, his finger was bleeding and he was rushed to a hospital for a treatment.

His grandfather later said that the old lock was found by the family while they were gathering scrap metal.