Chinese woman accused of locking crying baby in dog cage to play mahjong in peace

PHOTO: Weibo

A 35-year-old woman in Central China allegedly locked her crying three-year-old son in a dog cage so that she could continue playing mahjong in peace, Chinese media reported.

But the woman, surnamed Jiang, denies the allegations by passers-by who claimed that they witnessed the incident in Liuyang City, Hunan Province.

Photo: Weibo

She told local broadcaster Hunan Economic TV that she only wanted to put him in the cage for a while.

"I was not doing this for real," Jiang was quoted as saying.

She added that it was the other children who locked the cage door.

Photo: Weibo

Local government officials will be doing a background check to confirm if she is qualified or capable of taking care of the child, The Coverage reported.

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