Cold temperatures predicted to sweep north of Taiwan

Above: Matsu Islands

TAIPEI - The Central Weather Bureau announced a cold weather warning yesterday afternoon, saying that temperatures in Northern Taiwan may drop below 10 Celsius degree from today to next Wednesday.

After great weather for several days during the Chinese New Year period, the weather started to change starting last Tuesday. According to the Central Weather Bureau, the temperature will start dropping from tonight and will continue until the early morning of Feb12.

The Central Weather Bureau also forecast that the temperature in Northern Taiwan may decrease to under 10 degrees Celsius in the coastal areas around Yilan as well as Kinmen and Matsu under the influence of cold currents.

The Central Weather Bureau reminded citizens working in aquaculture, agriculture and livestock farming to be prepared for possible cold damage in this week. In addition, the Central Weather Bureau also noted that everyone should wear more and keep warm when going out. It is also important to keep ventilation indoors when using gas water heaters to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, said the Central Weather Bureau.

Along with the cold weather warning, the Central Weather Bureau also said that there may be heavy rain in the northern coastal area of Keelung and mountainous areas around the north of Hsinchu as well as Yilan.

According to the Central Weather Bureau, it is because the influences of clouds system from Southern China and brought water vapour to Taiwan. From tonight, there will be heavy rain in local areas in North, Northeast as well as mountain area in Central Taiwan. In addition, there is a possibility that torrential rain may happen in North coastal area of Keelung and mountain areas around Northern Taiwan.

The Central Weather Bureau said due to the heavy rain, there may be potential danger of landslides and reminded citizens to be careful.

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