Collar-bone stunt is China's new selfie fad

PHOTO: Youtube Screengrab

JUST when reaching for one's navel by stretching one's arm around the back has become an online selfie trend in China, another has started to replace it: Lining up coins on the collar bones.

This latest fad is also about vanity, to show one is slim, although its focus is not on the waist.

Prominent collar bones are often part of a slender body and are even seen as charming in themselves, reported Tencent, a Chinese news portal.

According to Dongbeiwang, the official government website of Heilongjiang province, the "coin" selfies carry an underlying message - only those whose collar bones can hold a row of coins are truly slim.

But to get that "perfect" selfie, there are more requirements: The coins should number more than 10 and stand almost, if not absolutely, upright.

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