Compensation for Bangkok blast victims

Medical workers rush the victim of a blast at the Erawan shrine to a nearby hospital in central Bangkok August 17, 2015.
PHOTO: Reuters

Rights and Liberties Protection Department's announcement in four languages - Thai, English, Chinese and Russian - said that the government will provide the victims up to Bt20,000 (S$788) for medical bills and Bt200 (S$8) per day for a period of one year in lost earnings.

In addition, Bt30,000 will be provided to cover other damages and losses, together with Bt600 for food and accommodation daily.

Up to Bt50,000 will be provided to families who have lost a member, Bt20,000 to cover funeral rites and Bt30,000 in compensation to those injured.

In addition, the Tourism and Sports Ministry will provide additional help, such as Bt300,000 in case of death, organ damage or disability, and Bt100,000 for medical expenses. Also those affected from delayed trips, cancellations and encountering difficulties following the blast will receive Bt2,000 daily for their expenses, but not exceeding Bt20,000.