Coup might be wrong in principle but is morally right: Thai Ambassador

A Thai soldier stands outside the Government Public Relations Department after martial law was imposed in Bangkok on May 20, 2014.

Thai Ambassador to Indonesia Paskorn Siriyaphan said that the military power seizure in Thailand might be wrong in principle but it is morally right.

"What happened in Thailand might be wrong in principle but it is morally right since Thailand is in political deadlock threatening security and the well-being of Thai people for sometime," he told the Jakarta Globe.

"Wait and see what (National Council for Peace and Order) will deliver for the country and people," he said. "The Thai people will be the ones who judge them."

In the interview published on Wednesday, the ambassador said "I did not say that democracy and election is bad but sometimes it is misguided and manipulated, through vote-buying, for the benefit of certain groups at the disguise of people's interest."

That is why Thailand need political reform now before a fresh election, he added. Indonesia, he suggested, should withhold harsh criticism of the military regime.