Couple caught on camera having sex on street in Hong Kong

Two students in Hong Kong became the talk of the town recently - for the wrong reasons.

According to Coconuts Hong Kong, the students were caught having sex beside a bus stop at Ho Man Tin's Fat Kwong Street at around 4am on Wednesday, Apr 1.

Unfortunately, their act was caught on camera and the video started circulating on social media.

One video shows the woman kneeling in front of the man, while another shows the man on top of the woman.

The longest video of couple was 97 seconds long. They reportedly engaged in the obscene act for a full 45 minutes before the police came.

It is rumoured that the man was from Inner Mongolia, and was celebrating his 19th birthday at a bar before the incident.

He had planned to send his partner back to her dormitory, before their urges got the better of them.

The man has since been arrested for indecency in public, reported South China Morning Post.

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