Cultural events in Yeongcheon

Korea Herald/ANN

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said there will be a variety of special cultural events in Yeongcheon, North Gyeongsang Province from Oct. 16-18.

The Month of Culture events will be introducing traditional cultures of Yeongcheon in line with efforts by the ministry to promote regional cultures. The ministry has started to promote regional cultures since last year in Gwangju City.

Yeongcheon will have art festivals and exhibitions of Korean young artists, and folk song competitions.

One special event will include a reenactment of Joseon Tongsinsa, or the Joseon diplomatic procession in Japan following the Imjin War.

The Month of Culture events will also be held in Daegu where it will hold an international opera festival, and Gwangju where it will hold a festival promoting Korea's main side dish kimchi.