Daughter has emotional problems, says HK leader

Leung Chai Yan, daughter of Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun Ying, parading around Central, Hong Kong on Feb 11, 2015.

Hong Kong's leader Leung Chun Ying was forced to make an official statement about his daughter's health yesterday, after she posted a number of alarming messages on her Facebook page.

At a sombre press conference, the Chief Executive said his 23-year-old daughter Leung Chai Yan was suffering from "some health problems" and had been seeing doctors.

It came after an ambulance was seen at the family residence of Government House yesterday morning. Police said they had been called to the address, but found nobody injured.

"Friends and those who know Chai Yan know she has some health problems," Mr Leung told reporters.

"Her emotions fluctuate. Both in the UK (where she studied) and in Hong Kong, we accompanied her to see doctors and she has received good professional care."

Ms Leung had posted a string of Facebook messages yesterday morning, making allegations that her mother had been violent towards her and calling the older woman a "deranged woman".

She then said she would have "jumped" if she had been on the 20th floor of a building. Another post was titled "Leaving Home Forever" with a picture of a heart split in two.

She also wrote in another update that she was being held at home against her will.

"I don't even have the legal rights as a normal HK citizen because of who my parents are...I can't even call the police or go to A&E at a public hospital right now," she wrote.

Her Facebook account appeared to have been deactivated as of press time.

Ms Leung, who studied law at the London School of Economics, has raised eyebrows before with her social media posts, but this was the first time that her father was forced to address her comments.

"Although as parents, we can take care of her closely...as a daughter in her 20s of a key public officer, she faces quite big pressure in her day-to-day life," Mr Leung said.

"We will give her whatever medical assistance she needs."

Ms Leung looked dazed and unsteady at a star-studded red-carpet event in Hong Kong on Saturday, when she posted a picture of herself with American heiress Paris Hilton.

Earlier this year, she told a magazine in Hong Kong that she had a troubled relationship with her parents and had suffered from depression.